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What is the Volunteer Fee?

Field Remodeling
SSJYSL has adopted the volunteer fee as a means of encouraging volunteerism from our soccer community. We all want our kids to have a great soccer experience with great fields, great coaching, great events and great games. Volunteer support from our families is crucial toward achieving these goals.

A $30 volunteer fee will be collected at the time of registration each season. The fee will be reimbursed once families have completed 3 hours of league approved volunteer time. Reimbursement forms and a list of volunteer opportunities can be found on the league website. Team participation is mandatory at some league events such as field preparation and opening day. The league would also welcome the contribution of any specialized skills you may have.


Assignments will be sent out via our volunteers mailing list. If you want to volunteer please sign up here: Volunteers Mailing List.

Volunteer Activities

Families can receive volunteer credit that can be used to obtain the volunteer fee refund for any number of activities identified by the league. Volunteer credit is awarded for activities that support and benefit the general operation of the league. While highly valued, activities that specifically support the operation of a team (e.g., team booths, team-fund-raising, etc.) don't qualify for reimbursement. To receive the refund, the Volunteer Reimbursement Form must be completed and submitted to the Volunteer Coordinator no later than December 15 of each year.

See a need around the league? Have a good idea for a volunteer activity? Contact the Volunteer Coordinator.

  • Team Coach: serving as the registered head coach for a recreation or competitive level team qualifies for the family refund.
  • Assistant Coach: one registered assistant coach per team can qualify for the family volunteer refund.
  • Team Manager/Parent: organizes snack schedule, party and communications between league and parents on the team, end of season party.
  • Field Coordinator: completing a term as a filed coordinator qualifies for the family refund.
  • Board Member: completing a term as a board member qualifies for the family refund.
  • Field Striping: 1 hour/week (usually Thursday or Friday of the week): no more than 2 families/field/weekend. Must be signed by Field Coordinator or team coach.
  • Picture Day: 1-hour minimum shifts. Coordinate with Communications board member.
  • Opening Day: families can earn credit for their time supporting the league's opening day activities. Qualifying activities include participation in the coordinating committee and Opening Day set-up and clean-up. 1-hour minimum shifts. Time spent supporting team specific booths and activities does not qualify for volunteer credits. Coordinate with Communication Board member.
  • Field Days: Field Coordinators will periodically announce "Field Days" to complete projects to improve each field.
  • Tournament Support: Volunteer opportunities are available for the two SSJYSL tournaments and any of the District tournaments (e.g., District Cup) that the league hosts each year. Opportunities will be posted by the Tournament Director.
  • Jamboree Support: Volunteers are needed to help organize and staff the recreation league jamborees. The Recreation League Directors will post opportunities and requirements for each age group.
  • Miscellaneous: Special projects (e.g., equipment distribution, storage or field shed clean-up, end-of-year award distribution, etc.) will occasionally be identified that require volunteers. Check the website frequently and signup with the Volunteer Mailing List.


Reimbursement forms must be submitted within 30 days of the end of current season in order to be collected. Uncollected volunteer fees will support the league.
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