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Field coordinators are responsible to edit the games scheduled for their fields. Additionally a few board members (Field Director and assistants, Comp and Rec Director and Registrar) are able to edit the complete schedule. During the normal seasons coaches that have to reschedule a game will have to contact the FC for the respective fields and ask them to reschedule their game on the website.

A game has only been rescheduled if the web site changes. At that point referees will be scheduled correctly, FC will know when to lock and unlock goals and containers, and parents will see the game on the web page of their team.

Every time a game gets added or removed from the schedule the web server will send out an email to the field coordinator, the field director, the referee scheduler and the coaches and managers of the teams. There is no need for the FC to send a separate email as confirmation.

How to edit

  1. Get your password
  2. find the correct day and pitch
  3. change the correct entries
  4. Click on 'Save'

1. Get your password

As a board member you can get your password emailed to you from the Board Management web page.

As a field coordinator go to your field, click on the edit link '[edit'] and then on the button Email password to FC and AFC.

2. Find the correct day and pitch

If the field has no games at all you can select the field at the bottom of the page where it says [Select field to add games]. Otherwise you can proceed as described here:

If you want to add or remove a game from a day that has already games scheduled on your field, you can go to the field page for that field, scroll down to the list of games, and then click on the '[edit]' link at the left of the table in the date column (marked with a  red blob  in the picture below).

Instead of using the fields page you can also click on the [Game schedule], which opens the daily game schedule page. Now use the drop down menu bar at the top to select the date for which you need to make a change as show in the picture below, where April 22 has been selected.:

Once you found the correct date click on the '[edit]' link for the Pitch you need to change. The   example below   shows the link for the Bernal oval.


change the correct entries

Each game has three entries, namely the home team, whether or not referees need to be scheduled (make sure to disable this option for scrimmages), and the away team. The away team is optional, though if you know it and its a SSJ team you should enter it. This way it will be listed on that team's webpage. Only home games of SSJ teams will have referees scheduled, in those cases it does not matter whether or not the referee box is checked or not.

To enter a SSJ team click on the drop down menu for the correct time slot and select the correct team. This  example   shows the Skyhawks team.

If you need to delete a game select the top option of the pull-down menu for that time slot. That option is just a white and empty box as shown below.

Sometimes you might have to schedule a team from another league to mark a spot as used. Such a game will NEVER have a referee scheduled by the referee assignor, so don't use this option for SSJ teams! To enter a non SSJ team into a time slot select the very last option of the drop-down menu, named [other:] as shown below:

Now you need to enter the teams name in the box to the right or below (the exact position depends on the width of your screen, and the following two images show both possibilities). You should also un-check the  referee box  to make it clear that no referees will be scheduled.

This image shows the layout of the fields if you have a smaller screen:


Click on 'Save'

Enter your password in the box at the bottom and then click on Save Schedule. If you forgot to enter your password a pop-up window will ask you to enter it. At this point an email will be sent to all the parties involved and the schedule has been updated.
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