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Schedule for Saturday, October 25, 2014 ( sunset and sunrise 7:26 - 6:17 )

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Gunderson Turf [edit]C3A_1999BC4A_2000BC4D_2002BC4A_2002BSSJ Strikers (BU14 R)
Randol [edit]SSJ Savages (GU12 R)C4F_2004B - C4A_2004B
O Malley full field [edit]C4C_2002BC4A_2000G
O Malley 8v8 West - 1A [edit]C4C_2004B - C4D_2004B
O Malley 8v8 East - 1B [edit]C4E_2004B - C4H_2004B
Stratford U6 [edit]C4F_2008C - C4J_2008CC4A_2008C - C4D_2008CC4I_2008C - C4H_2008CC4C_2008C - C4B_2008CC4E_2008C - C4G_2008C
Stratford U8 1 [edit]SSJ Stingrays (GU10 R)C4D_2006GC4C_2006G - C4A_2006GSSJ Strikers (BU10 R)C4E_2006BSSJ David Serrano (BU10 R)
SSJ Panthers (BU10 R)
C4F_2006B - C4C_2006BC4G_2006B - C4H_2006B
(NR) No refs will be scheduled for this game.
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