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Schedule for Saturday, November 9, 2013 ( sunset and sunrise 6:41 - 5:01 )

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Gunderson Turf [edit]C3C_1999GC4D_2000GSSJ Lions - CCSL (BU17 C) {}C3A_1998GC3A_1995B
Gunderson Grass 1 [edit]C3C_1999BC4A_2001B - C4C_2000BSSJ Legacy - CCSL (GU14 C) {}C4A_1999GC4A_1999B
Herman Oval [edit]C4A_2000BSSJ Lightning Bolts (GU14 R) {}
Oakridge Pitch 1 [edit]SSJ Al Cendejas (BU12 R)
SSJ Paul Kramer (BU12 R) {}
C4E_2003B - C4B_2003BSSJ Dragons (BU12 R)C4D_2003B {}SSJ Tikki Willis (GU12 R) {}C4B_2003G
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