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Arbiter Calendar

If you are using the arbiter for your games and you also have an electronic calendar you might want to get your games on to that calendar (online, phone, etc). This webpage allows you to do this.


  • This website will currently only work if you have only access to a single league, it will not work if you work for multiple leagues.
  • You have to enter your arbiter password, but it is NOT stored on the server in any way. Instead it is encoded in the URL you will get once you enter your data below. The system will log into your account at arbiter, download the games and serve them to your calendar application in the correct format. If you are not comfortable with any of this please do not use this service.
  • This calendar should include all your games, not just the ones for SSJ or soccer
  • The calendar gets updated about once a day, so it can take a while until your games show up
  • This service is mostly meant for the referees from SSJ, but for now is open to everyone. If it gets abused access will be restricted to local refs.
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