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You are now a Soccer Parent!

Your kid is now part of a soccer team, will be expected to go to practices, show up for games on weekends. But you as the parent will play a very important role too! Aside from the obvious (drive your kid all over town to practices and games) you are the most important supporter of your kid!


For recreational teams the registration fee covers the uniform, CYSA registration fee, insurance, referee fees, field fees and a trophy. Players have to provide shin guards and shoes (soccer and tennis shoes are OK, baseball shoes are prohibited), and should have their own ball too (size #3 for U8 and younger, size #4 for U9 to U12, and size #5 for U13 and older).

Players playing for comp teams (CCSL, NorCal) must buy their uniform separately, but can usually keep it multiple years (depends of course on how fast they grow!). Additional fees will be required if the team goes to tournaments, and some comp teams either hire trainers which will be payed by parents or have coaches that request to be payed a monthly fee by parents. Please ask for details before signing up with a comp team.


Recreational practices are twice a week for an hour each day.  Practice times will start between 5 and 6 pm. Each coach will decide the day and time of practice.  All teams will practice on Oak Grove School District Schools. You will receive a call from your childs coach with all the details for their team.

Competitive teams practice two or three times a week for about 1 1/2 a day.  This will be determined by the coach(ask the coach about practice time and place before agreeing to become a member of the team).


Please make sure your child is on time. Each child needs for practice:

  • A soccer ball (size #3 for U8 and younger, size #4 for U9-U12 and size #5 for older kids).
  • shin-guards
  • water
  • shoes
  • possibly sunscreen



Its time for the first game! Your kid got a uniform by now, and needs the following equipment:

  • shin-guards
  • uniform (including socks that cover shin guards)
  • water
  • shoes
  • possibly sunscreen
  • No jewelry (no earrings, no necklaces, no hear beads, no arm or leg rings, no exception)
Game days for most recreational games will be on Saturdays.  Game times begin between 8am and 3pm.  
Be sure to be on time at the game (usually at least 30 minuted before kick-off). If your child has the first or last game of the day parents might be asked to help put up goals or take them down.

During the game
Thoughts on Children and Soccer from Claudio Reyna, Former US Men's National Team World Cup Captain:

"For some reason, adults - some who can't even kick a ball - think it's perfectly okay to scream at children while they're playing soccer.

How normal would it seem if a mother gave a six-year-old some crayons and a coloring book and started screaming? "Use the red crayon! Stay in the lines! Don't use yellow!"

You think that child would develop a passion for drawing? Most important, parents must realize that playing sports is a way for children to express themselves."

  • Relax and enjoy the game!
  • Cheer ANY and ALL success on the field. It DOES NOT matter what player OR team. They are all kids and they want you there to see them play.
  • don't yell instructions (they only distract the kids, and will get your coach into trouble by the referee!)
  • If you yell at refs, kids, coaches, players anything inappropriate (telling them they made a mistake is inappropriate), threaten somebody by words or action,  you will be asked to leave the game, and/or your coach might be suspended for several games. Take this seriously: every year we have one or two coaches that have to sit out several games because of parents.

After the game:

Two questions to ask you kid:

  • Did you have fun?
  • What do you want to eat?
  • Never reward what you perceive as success.
  • Never punish what you perceive as failure.
  • Don't evaluate your child's performance, he or she is playing to have fun, not to earn a grade! If he/she had fun, the day was a success.

Zero Tolerance Policy

South San Jose Youth Soccer League will not tolerate any form of abuse of its coaches, referees or League officials from any fan, parent or spectator. Fans shall:
  1. Not criticize the players, coaches or referees in front of other spectators. Note: if you in any way verbally or otherwise abuse or critize referees, coaches or players they will punish your kids coach for this as he is responsible for  the parents behavior by throwing him out (the coach will be suspended for at least 2 additional games if that happens).
  2. Accept decisions of the game officials (including referees and coaches) on the field as being fair and called to the best ability of those officials.
  3. Not criticize an opposing team, its players, coaches, or fans by word or gesture.
  4. Refrain from using physical or verbal abuse or profane language at any SSJYSL function.
  5. Not be in possession of and/or drinking alcoholic beverages or using any illegal substances during any soccer activity. By school district policy, smoking is not permitted in any activity around children.
  6. Not interfere/interrupt the coaching staff before, during, or after games or at practices.
Your child's coach will ask you and your child to sign a copy of the Zero Tolerance Form.


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