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U10 Jamboree 2011, November 12/13

Congratulations to the SSJ No Fear for winning the U10 Boys Jamboree!!
Welcome to the page for the U10 Jamboree!
This year we have three guest girls teams on Sunday, two from Almaden and one from Mt Hamilton, as only three of our U10G can play on Sunday. The girls tems will play for points on Saturday and again on Sunday (points will not carry over). However, the main goal for the jamborees is to play soccer and have fun!


U 10 Girls
Place Team Points Wins Loss Ties Goals for Goals against Place Team Points Wins Loss Ties Goals for Goals against
 4 SSJ Jaguars  2   2
 8  4  SSJ Jaguars
 1   1
SSJ Riptide
 16 2   31
 SSJ Riptide
 6 1
 3 5
 2SSJ Shooting Stars
1 6
 SSJ Shooting Stars 9 1 1 4
SSJ Goal Busters
 MH Olympians
  4 1
 AV Quakes
5 1
 2 3
         2 MH Tigers

U 10 Boys
Group CGroup D
Place Team Points Wins Loss Ties Goals for Goals against Place Team Points Wins Loss Ties Goals for Goals against
 1 SSJ Blackhawks
 3 SSJ Hurricanes
   2    1 5
 3 SSJ Landsharks
 1 SSJ No Fear
14 1
 4 2
SSJ Lions
 8 1  
1 0 2SSJ Untouchables
 14 1  1 53


 Girls Boys
5-6 Place
     SSJ Landsharks
 SSJ Hurricanes
3-4 Place
     SSJ Lions
SSJ Blackhawks
     SSJ Untouchables SSJ No Fears
 0 1



Setup / Field Marshals / Takedown

This year's jamboree will not have Field Marshals or Snackshack

In order to run the jamboree all team need to help with the following jobs:

  • Field Marshal: Click for Field Marshal duties. 2 Marshals at any time, counts against volunteer reimbursement.
     Oakridge 1Oakridge 2
    Sat. 8:30am-noon   
    Sat. noon-3:30pm  
    Su. 8:30am - noon
    Sun. noon-3:30pm  

  • Setup Fields: first home team of the day
  • Cleanup Fields: last home team of the day on Saturday
  • Trash pickup evening: last away teams of the day
  • Setup jamboree HQ: table, canopy and score board: first away teams of the morning
  • Take jamboree HQ down: move table, canopy and score board to shed on Saturda: last away teams of Sunday


The format has been selected so that the following rules apply:
  • Each team plays at least 3 and at most 4 games.
  • Each team plays 1 or 2 games on Saturday
  • There are at least 2h between the two games of one team.

Girls and Boys

  • Each team plays all other team in its group.
  • Final: Winner of Group A/C plays Winner of Group B/D.
  • Consolation Final: between second placed in Group A/C and B/D
  • 5/6 place final: third placed in Group A/C against thrid placed in Group B/D

Laws of the Game

The same laws as during the season apply, with the following exceptions:
  • Length of games:
    • Only one throw-in, if it is a foul throw-in the other team gets a throw-in.
    • All first round games: 25min halfs, 5 min break, ties stand. 5/6 place and 3/4 place games are 25min halfs.
    • 8v8 games, unless both coaches agree to 9v9
    • Exception: Championship (Final for first and second place only): 25min halfs, 5 min break.
      In the event of a tie there will be a 5 min rest period, 2 overtime periods of 5min, no rest between the periods. Penalty kicks if the tie still stands after overtime.
    • Coaches of both teams must email or SMS the score of the game immedietaly after the game to the rec directory. The message must include the name of both teams, time of the game and the results. If neither coach sends the scores the game will be recorded as a 0-0 tie.
  • Scoring system for preliminary round:
    Win6 points
    Tie3 points
    Loss0 points
    Goals1 point, maximum of 3/game
    Shut out1 point (0-0 tie results in 4 points per team)
    Send off (red card)-2 points (player, coach, parent)
    Forfeit win8 points (equivalent of a 1-0 win)
    breaking procedure:
    1. Head-to-Head competition
    2. Fewest Goals allowed (the team with the least number of goals allowed will advance)
    3. Ejections. Teams with fewest ejections will have higher standing
    4. Most Goals scored to a maximum of 4 per game (the team with most goals will advance)
    5. Yellow Cards. Teams with fewest yellow cards will have higher standing
    6. Penalty Kicks. If a tie still exists, the tie will be broken by kicks from the penalty spot, as per FIFA, provided that teams are still available at the conclusion of the final preliminary game. If more than two teams are tied, the order of the pairing will be decided by the Jamboree Director. If teams are not available, the tie will be broken by coin toss by the Jamboree Director at Jamboree Headquarters and the teams notified.
  • Send Offs (red cards)
    Any player that gets a red card will be banned from the next game and in the preliminary round the team will lose 2 points. Any coach or parent that is send off will not be allowed to stay at the jamboree site for the rest of the weekend, or his/her team will be disqualified and not be allowed to play any further game. The team will also lose 2 points. Note that coaches are responsible for their parents and will be sent off if parents do not behave.
  • Protests:
    The game will stand as the referee calls it, no protests are allowed with one exception: if a team plays with a player that is not on its roster it will be immediately disqualified from the whole tournament and all its games will be forfeit.
  • Schedule:
    all games must start within 5min of the posted schedule, any team that cannot start in time will forfeit the game. There will be no overtime or injury time.All games must end 5min before the next scheduled game, no exceptions!
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