SSJYSL - Volunteer Reimbursement/Donation Form

South San Jose Youth Soccer League (SSJYSL) is a non-profit organization that relies upon volunteer support to provide the best soccer experience possible for our players. To help operate the league, SSJYSL will collect a $40/volunteer deposit per family beginning with the Fall 2007 season. You may choose to make a donation to the league or request a refund of the deposit. To receive the $40 deposit back, each family must contribute at least three hours of volunteer time to support their league. No partial refunds will be given, and no more than $40 will be refunded. To obtain the refund, the form below must be properly completed and submitted to the Volunteer Coordinator no later than December 31 of the current year. Please check the appropriate box and complete the corresponding information, if necessary.

Make a donation to SSJYSL

Please accept my volunteer deposit as a donation for the league. I will not be requesting a reimbursement.

Request a refund

The following activities qualify for an automatic full refund. Please check one (if applicable):
I am the registered head coach of a team.List team name:
I am the registered assistant coach of a team.List team name:
I am a field coordinator.List field:
I am a board member.List board position:

If you don't qualify for an automatic refund please complete the table below:
I have completed the following volunteer services on behalf of the league:
(For a complete list of volunteer activities and who can sign the form, visit the SSJYSL website at:
A minimum of three hours during the season must be completed to get a refund.)

DateActivity/LocationConfirming SignatureHours

I certify that our family has completed the volunteer hours indicated and request our refund be sent to:
Player(s) name(s):Mailing address:

and send it to:
Attn. Volunteer Coordinator
PO Box 23790
San Jose, CA 95153
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