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Field: Herman Intermediate School

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Address:5955 Blossom Ave
San Jose, CA 95123
Start address:


 A  Herman Oval: Herman Oval is at the southern side of the field.

Practice Fields:

 1  Herman Oval East: Herman Oval is at the southern end of the field.
 2  Herman Oval West: Herman Oval is at the southern end of the field

Rules and Parking:


Please use one of the two school parking lots to park your car. If you use the northern parking lot do not drive past the fence with the rolling fence door as that one might be locked at any time without warning!

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Field Setup

  • unlock goals ( Field Person will have this done)
  • move goals to field and unlock the wheels and put the wing nut back to secure it
  • put corner flags in

Field Takedown

  • position wheels back into place using the wing nuts.
  • LEAVE THE NETS on the goals
  • move goals back to east end of the field, lock and chain attached to post there to secure goals, face to face.
  • collect corner flags and bottom stakes and put them next to the goals.
  • Field Person will be there to help lock up the goals and put the corner flags away.

Field Coordinator

Field Email Contactuse to send email to Field Coordinator (click to show email)
Field CoordinatorRick Simons (click to show email) (408) 227-4163

Practice Schedule for the 2 fields

Herman Oval East SSJ Academy Boys 04/05 Blue (BU14 C) SSJ Academy Boys 04/05 Blue (BU14 C)
Herman Oval West

Field Maintenance

Field maintenance on this field is usually done on Friday.

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