SSJYSL - D2 - Cup Spring 2012


D2 Cup Spring 2012 

Hello D2 Teams! We will be hosting many of the rec games for this D2 cup, but as we are a small league and the games are spread across many fields we will not have Field Marshals at all fields all the time. Instead we rely on coaches and teams to get the correct information ahead of time online through this webpage. If possible follow us on twitter during the weekend:

Twitter: @SSJYSL

Bookmark this page on your phone

Make sure your parents know about this page too, if anything important needs to be communicated this is the ONLY WAY we have to contact you. As a hosting league we have neither email addresses nor phone numbers for the teams playing.

Current Standings

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If you have the first or last game on a field you will have to setup the field or move the goals back (someone will be at the field to help you).

Directions to all fields can be found if you click on the "Fields" link in the menu on the left. You should print out this page for the field you will be playing it. It contains a lot of infomation regarding directions, parking, setup/take down procedure, contact information and the schedule for all the scheduled games.


There will be garbage cans at every field, USE THEM PLEASE (irresponsible parking and garbage is the biggest complaint we get from schools!) 


Please fill out this form, and print it. You will get three stickers to put on gamecards if you are the away team, and four games cards if you are the home team (or if your opponent forgot to bring a game card).


We collect all scores by SMS (Text messages) or by email. Please send them either to or text them to 408 256 0063. In either case the message should include Age group, gender, both team names, time, field and result, including red cards. So something like the following message would be best:

  U10G Oakridge, 10:40am, SSJ Strikers 4 - OV Pumas 4

The scores will be posted here:  Saturday, 6/2  and  Sunday 6/3 


Please print the rules and take them with you to the games, just in case. 

Time per game:

  • 30min halves for U12 and older, 
  • 20min for U8 and U10 games. 

Games MUST START ON TIME! the schedule is very tight, referees are instructured to cut games short if they cannot kick-off in time. Make sure you have your game card and player passes ready so you can check-in as quickly as possible.

Note: In both cases the finals have different rules with respect to length of game, please check the above link for details. 


While we are trying to find center and AR for all games there is the possiblity that you wil be asked to find a parent to help out (the referee will explain)

IMPORTANT: Referees are there to officiate the game, they are not there to be abused by coaches, parent or players. Yes, they will make mistakes, but that is no excuse to yell at them. As the coach you are responsible for your players AND YOUR PARENTS! 

Misc Information

In case of an injury please fill out this form (and follow the instruction). 


In case you have a question before Friday send me an email: If  you have a question or problem on Saturday or Sunday please read on:
  • In case of an emergency please contact 911 immediately.
  • In case of questions regarding the rules please read the document that has all the details
  • In case you cannot find a field please consult the map
  • In case you are missing the center referee please try to find a parent/coach/etc. that can help out. Even if you call me there is no way I can find a referee replacement in time for your game
  • In case you are unhappy with a referee decision: sorry, nothing can be done (exception: if you suspect that your opponent has a player that should not be allowed to play contact me)
  • In case your opponent does not show up: report the game as a forfeit win
  • In case you have another problem that needs immediate attention and cannot be solved by yourself send me an SMS  408 256 0063, an email  to or try to call me at 408 256 0063. I will running around all day at the different fields though, and probably referee some of them and during that time I will not be able to answer phone call, so SMS or email is probably the best way to find me.

 Please remember that these are games between Recreational Players, not the World Cup Finals!


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