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Tryout Guidelines

January 2015

These guidelines apply to all competetive teams, players and coaches in SSJYSL.  For questions about tryouts, contact Rich Sieber, Competetive Director at

Player Responsibilities:

      1.  All players interested in competitive soccer, must participate in tryouts to be eligible for a competitive team in South San Jose YSL.

Coach Responsibilities:

  1. At least one league-coordinated tryout (for U9 to U14 age groups) must take place. This session is intended to serve “walk-on” players. All Competitive Coaches are required to participate in the league-coordinated tryout.
  2. In addition to that, all competitive teams must have at least two other public tryouts before a season.  To have a tryout:
    a.    The Competitive Director must be notified before the tryout takes place.
    b.    The tryouts must be announced and posted on SSJYSL Website two weeks prior to the tryout.
  3. All Coaches must turn in the original attendance list of players from the tryout sessions to the Competitive Director no later than one week after the last tryout session. 
  4. All Coaches must notify players if they will be invited to play on the team or not, no later than one week after the last tryout session.
  5. All coaches shall have information available at tryouts that identifies estimated costs for participation on a team (this is to include uniform and equipment costs, registration and tournament fees, trainer and camp fees if applicable, etc.).  A copy shall be sent to the Competitive Director.
  6. Violation of these guidelines may result in the coach being removed from coaching Competitive teams.
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