SSJYSL - Rec Coach Checklist


Before practice starts

O    Check out the leagues website at, it has lots of information available and a page for your team!
OFind an assistant coach if you don't have one already. At least one coach must be present for all games, so if you have no assistant coach and cannot make it to a game the game will have to be canceled. You and one assistant coach will get their volunteer fee back.
Fill out the coaches registration form (your assistant coach needs to fill it out too) and send it to the Registrar Rosemary Alvarez at [click to show email] or 408 578 5447 (or drop it off at the door). Comp teams and U12 and older: include a picture . If you have registered as a coach before you can fill out the form online, , if this is your first time coaching with us you need to fill out the paper form you can download from the same page
OFind a team parent/manager to help you get the team organized.
OMake sure that your teams page has your correct email address on it. This is the main way for the league to contact you!  Assistant coaches and mangagers should be listed too.
OSelect a team name and edit your teams page on the webpage.
OReserve fields for practice (once or twice a week, between 60 and 90 min) by contacting the fields directory Fields Director Rick Simons at [click to show email] or 408 227 4163 or the fields coordinator for the field you are interested in (make sure to check that the sport you are looking for is still available before asking). You can find all our fields online. Teams usually practice twice a week, your reservation is good for the full afternoon so you can shift time as the sun sets earlier. You can download a curriculum from your teams webpage (you need to switch to edit mode to see the link at the very bottom)

Inform all parents of the players of your team about the practice time and place and invite them to a parents meeting. Let them know what the players will need (refer the parents to the SSJYSL website, under the parents menu they will find some important information). All players need:

  • shin-guards (mandatory for games and practices!)
  • shoes (soccer shoes preferred, but other types of shoes EXCEPT baseball shoes are OK).
  • a ball (optional, but you should insist, size #3 for U6/U8. #4 for U10 and U12, #5 for older teams)
  • sunscreen and water for all practices and games
  • they will eventually get a uniform from the league (shirt, shorts, socks)
  • They MUST NOT have any jewelry for games (no ear rings, no necklaces). Referees will NOT let them play with it (soccer season is a bad time to get ears pierced....)
Let them know when and where you will practice. Note that you cannot add more players to your team. If a player is interested in joining your team tell the parents to contact our registrar Registrar Rosemary Alvarez at [click to show email] or 408 578 5447. You can also not move player between teams without league approval.

Make sure all parents have signed the registration form (sometimes they forgot, you need to make sure to get those signatures!). Also have them print and sign the zero tolerance form, which is availabel through your teams webpage. You keep those forms, no need to turm them in.

OCheck The law of the game to find the specific rules for your age group. Most important rule: EVERYONE PLAYS 50% of the game! No exceptions!
O If you have any constraints with respect to scheduling games please send an email to either the Recreational (1) Julio Romo at [click to show email] or the  @U8Dir@ so that it can be taken into account. Any requests after the schedule has been made will probably be ignored.
OYour teams website offers many options, you can for example setup a mailing list for your parents, inform them about practice and other issues, etc.  There is a help page available.
 OU10: get a picture of all players, paste it on the player passes (you will get them from the registrar) and laminate all passes. U12 and older: our Registrar will do the pictures but might ask you to hunt down missing pictures if necessary and you will have to laminate the passes.

Before the first game

OGet the team uniforms, balls and cones (the Equipment Director Jed Dershimer at [click to show email] will send out information via the mailing list). This usually happens around 10 days before the first game
OLet the team parent organize a banner if your team wants one.
OStart practicing with your team a few weeks before the season starts (Fall starts with the first weekend after Labor day, Spring around April first).
OYour game schedule will show up on your teams web page as soon as the games have been scheduled. Make sure the parents know about it.
OMake sure you have game cards ready (you should get them at the coaches meeting or from the registrars front door, you will get an email from the registrar when they are ready).

Prepare for the first game

OGo through the game check list.
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