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Only team officials (coach, assistant coach, manager) with the proper credentials (coaches' passes) at check in are allowed to be on the team sideline.  PERIOD.  Arguing with referees about this could result in the ejection of another team official (with a pass) and disciplinary action by the board.  

Mailing Lists

We regularly send important information to all our coaches via email. Every coach, assistant coach and team manager listed on the teams webpage will automatically be included. The two main mailing lists are listed below. We have others but those two are the two with an online archive. If you have any problems with the mailing list please contact the Web Site Coordinator Claudio Fleiner at [click to show email].

Rescheduling games

  • Reschudule the game by going to your teams webpage, click on the [Reschedule] button for the game you want to cancel, enter your team password, and when you want it to be rescheduled (but only AFTER checking that there is time on the schedule), click OK.
  • IMPORTANT: if you want to reschedule the game to a different day first make sure your opponent agrees! Include that information in the rescheduling note.
  • U6 and U8: please contact our @U8@ with all the necessary details to find a new time for the game.
  • to Scheudle a game for U9 and older:
    • for weekend games please please go to your teams webpage and click on the 'Schedule' or 'Scrimmage' button 
    • for all other requests (weekday games, scrimmages outside the season, etc.) please contact the field director of the field directly (contact information is available on the fields pages for Bernal, Gunderson, Herman and Santa Teresa).

If you want your league game for a certain day scheduled witin some given time window please edit your team page, it has the option to set preferred times for three days within a season.

 IMPORTANT: if you cancel a game after Thursday evening at 9pm for the upcoming weekend you will have to pay the referees anyways!

Different Leagues - Different Rules

Playing against teams from other leagues

If you play against a team from another league you might be surprised to find that they use slightly different rules. This is usually not a problem for comp teams, but mainly for recreational leagues. In particular be aware of the following four cases:
  • Shoot-outs: some leagues do not allow a team to score if they lead by more than 4 or 5 goals or allow only goals kicked from outside the penalty area. If your team scores anyway you might get a stern talk from the referee.
  • Offside for U10: Rec leagues often do not use the offside rule with U10 teams (in our league all U10 teams play with the offside rule).
  • Direct free kicks for U10: Recreational U10 games are often played with indirect free kicks only.
  • 8 players for U10: All games between U10 teams of different leagues must be played with 8 players on each side, 9 is not an option (CYSA rule).
To avoid unpleasant surprises you should talk to the coach of the home team a few days before the game to find out all the details you need to know (where to play, is your team expected to help setup the field or cleanup after the game, how to find out if the game will be canceled due to rain, where to park, ...).

Team Web Page

Every SSJ team has its own web page on the leagues website. As a coach you can edit the webpage, for a short introduction please read the instructions.



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