SSJYSL - Recreational Teams


How do we create teams?

  1. count number of players in the age group, the number of teams is calculated such that we have about 2 to 4 subs per team.
  2. Find all volunteer coaches. If there are not enough find some (volunteer assistant coaches, ...). In the rare case that there are more than teams select the best ones. The following criterias are used:
    • number of players requesting the coach
    • number of players speficially requesting not the coach
    • experience in coaching with SSJ
    • gender (all else being equal a woman coach will be preferred for girls team and a man for boys teams).
  3. Try to accomoadate placing requests, in the following order:
    •  players that do not want to play with a coach are always placed in another team
    •  siblings are placed in the same team unless explicitly requested otherwise.
    •  players requested by a coach, but at most 4 per coach/team
    •  players that request a coach, but at most 4 total per team (includes the players that the coach requested, if siblings are involved there might be 5 per team).
    •  players that want to play with friends, but not more than 4 per team.
    •  try to place at least one volunteer assistant coach and team parent volunteer per team.
    •  place remaining players such that the average age per team and players experience per team is about the same.
  4. Requests to change team by a player are denied, unless the request has been made BEFORE the teams have been created and is clearly a mistake by the person creating the team. (siblings placed in different teams, a "don't want to play with this coach" request, ...).
  5. Requests to play down (i.e. in a younger age group that the actual age of the player) are ALWAYS denied, no exceptions EVER!
  6. Players that want to play up need a very good reason.
  7. Players registering after the teams have been created have no say as to the team they get placed in (may even get placed on a team where they play up (i.e. an older team) if that is the only place available.


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