SSJYSL - Recreational League

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Who can play in this league?

The recreational league is for all players age 5 to 14, whether they play for the first time or are experienced soccer players. Emphasis is on learning to play soccer and having fun on the field! Teams in this league are often called 'rec teams' as opposed to the 'comp teams' in the CCSL League. 

Age groups

Rec teams play in even age groups, from U6 to U14. Note that it is sometimes possible for a player to play in a higher age group (to play up) if requested, but it is never possible to play in a lower age group. 


We have both Fall and Spring soccer seasons  for recreational and competitive teams.  

Fall Season is from Mid-August to Mid-November.  Practices are generally twice a week for 1 hour each day.  First games are scheduled on the first Saturday after Labor Day in September. Season will end in November before Thanksgiving. 

Spring Season is from Mid-March and ends in May. Practives are generally twice a week for 1 hour each day.  First games will start at the end of March.


Registration for the Fall season starts appx April 1st and ends June 30. Spring season registrations starts January 1st and ends February 20th. Please check our Registration page for details and sign up for our email list to get a reminder when the registration starts.

How are teams created?

The league will take all players that register in time and split them into teams. New teams are created every year. If you want your kid to play in the same team as a friend you can mention this on the registration form, and the league will try to honor the request but cannot guarantee it.

Uniform / Balls

Recreational players will get a uniform from their coach (it is included in the sign-up fee). It consists of 2 shirts, ( blue & white), blue shorts and blue socks. Players must provide their own shin guards (they will not be allowed to play games without) and shoes (soccer shoes are recommended, tennis shoes are fine too, baseball cleats are prohibited). Each player should also have a ball for practice (size #3 for U8 and younger, size #4 for U9 to U12 and size #5 for older age groups).


Each team needs a coach, but coaches are in short supply. Coaches in the recreational league are all volunteers. If we cannot find a coach for your childs' team we will have to dissolve the team and your child will not be able to play. We STRONGLY ENCOURAGE you to volunteer as a coach or assistant coach. If you are interested in working as a coach, please contact our registrar at Email highly preferred with any questions.


U6 to U10 teams usually play against other teams from our own league (as a so called in house league). Older rec teams will also play against rec teams from neighboring leagues. Every year we try to organize a jamboree at the end of the Fall season for all age groups.

All kids that come to a game must be allowed to play 50% of the time.

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