SSJYSL - Competitive Soccer (CCSL)

SSJ 2002 Alphas White- Norcal (GU17 C)
District II has developmental programs that are designed for those players who have a greater interest in and commitment to advancing their skills. These players compete in leagues that typically involve traveling to areas outside their league of registration and may include participation in a number of tournaments. The Association Cup is a CYSA-N tournament for Competitive teams in which District II participates. The District II playing league is called CCSL.

South San Jose teams play at  competitive levels where coaches select players following tryouts in which any interested player may participate. The goal of Comp teams is both competition and player development. Comp players can expect a significant commitment of time, particularly in the period from July through early November. Comp teams play a substantially greater number of games than their Recreational  counterparts and practice 2 to 3 times per week. Comp teams have additional expenses for team camps, tournaments and/or training. Practice and informal team activities may begin after teams are formed, with most teams beginning to play in Spring.

Please contact our competitive director for more information regarding Competitive Teams

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