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Get your team's game on your calendar

The SSJYSL website allows you to easily include the games of your team or your childs team on your calendar, as long as your calendar application can import calendars from the web in the ICS format. Many online calendars support this feature too (google calendar for example can import the game calendar).

Calendar Link

On your Teams webpage you will find below the teams information two links under Calendar: one is named 'subscribe', the other 'download'. The first one can be used if you run your calendar application locally. If everything is configured correctly you should be able to just click on the 'subscribe' link to get the calendar imported into your program.

If you use an online application like google calendar you probably have to copy the 'download' link. Move the mouse pointer over the link and click with the right mouse key. Select 'copy link' or 'copy location'. Now go to your calendar webpage and search for the 'add calendar' link or button (sometimes also named 'Add URL' or 'Add Calendar URL'). Click on it, and paste the link you just copied from the SSJ webpage into the field.

Note that in either case you need to make sure that the application reloads the calendar automatically once a day or so in order to get updates to the schedule (if your application does not do that you need to manually either import the calendar again or update it. How this is done depends on the application).

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