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Board Documents

This page is used to collect documents useful for board members and as an archive. You can find fliers, rules for tournaments, invitations, etc. in here. The documents are ordered by categories and years when they were uploaded. As a board member please upload anything you have for the benefit of future members. These documents are only available to board members with a valid password.

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Documents available for download

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ActionFileCommentDateUploaded bySize
2016_SSJYSLGroupOuting_Flyer.pdfOuting to Avaya2016-2-19Registrar (Rosemary Alvarez)279 KB
2015JAMBOREE.pptxSpring Jamboree 2015 PDF2015-5-19U8 Director (Stefan Winkel)584 KB
Jamboree_2015.GIFJamboree_Flyer_20152015-5-19U8 Director (Stefan Winkel)191 KB
SSJYSL_U6-U8_REC_PROGRAM_Spring_2015.pdfU6-U8 Rec Program Spring 2015 v22015-3-23U8 Director (Stefan Winkel)1 MB
SSJYSL_U6-U8_REC_PROGRAM.pdfU6-U8 Rec Program Spring 20152015-3-18U8 Director (Stefan Winkel)1 MB
SSJBoardMeetingNotes_1.19.15.pdf2015-1-20Secretary (Heather Rios)213 KB
SSJBJsBrewhouseFlyer.pdfBJ's Fundraiser Flyer2014-5-6President (Cal Smith)315 KB
BJ's Fundraiser Flyer2014-5-6President (Cal Smith)0 B
SSJYSLLeagueAppreciationWeekendCoupon3.pdfLeague Appreciation Coupon2011-8-8Comm., Activity and Promotions (Tracy Williams)669 KB
trainer_manual.odtManual for SSJ Academy Trainer2010-11-3Recreational Director (Claudio Fleiner)94 KB
trainer_contract.odtContract for SSJ Academy Trainer2010-11-3Recreational Director (Claudio Fleiner)90 KB
u10_jamboree.odtU10 Jamboree Schedule template2010-11-3Recreational Director (Claudio Fleiner)21 KB
ssjysl_logo_200.pngSSJYSL logo, 200 pixel wide bitmap version2008-8-14Recreational Director (Claudio Fleiner)16 KB
ssjysl_logo_400.pngSSJYSL logo, 400 pixel wide bitmap version2008-8-14Recreational Director (Claudio Fleiner)35 KB
ssjysl_logo_2400.pngSSJYSL logo, 2400 pixel wide bitmap version2008-8-14Recreational Director (Claudio Fleiner)272 KB
ssjysl_logo_800.pngSSJYSL Logo, 800 pixel wide bitmap version2008-8-5Recreational Director (Claudio Fleiner)77 KB
ssjysl_logo.svgSSJYSL Logo in vector graphics format2008-8-5Recreational Director (Claudio Fleiner)46 KB

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