Referee Director


Referee Director

Should be a qualified referee. Should take the assignor class as well.

Authority to appoint other referees to meet requirments of the league.

Coordinates referee grade 8 classes.  As needed (usaully pre spring & fall season).  Locate a place usually 3 nights one week,

               and 3 nights the following week. Classes are 3 hours long totalling 18 hours of class time.

Coordinates referee refresher on the rule changes for the new season. Usually pre spring & fall season.

Coordinates field clinics if possible for the new referee's for field training experience.

Working with the Referee Assignor on the evaluation level of the referee's.

Making yourself available to go to evaluate the referee's with concerns (up grading or issues) as well as the problem coaches,

                and parents toward the referee's.

Making verification of referee's assignments to approve payroll.

Select the best Assignor possible that will follow direction, and provide good teamwork.

Attend the coaches meetings to update the coaches on rule changes, and player safety issues.

Handle issues that come up in regards to referee responsibilities.

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