Rec Director


Rec Director

Spring Season


Registration info needs to go out after the Christmas break, the flyers to the school are usually put together by the  Communications and Activity Director. However, make sure to inform the teams before the Fall season ends that they can play in Spring. Usually registration cost is $55 cheaper for kids that were registered in Fall (no need to pay for CYSA registration and uniform).So far we have allowed Fall teams to come back in Spring if they want.

Once you have the teams make sure to register on the teams webpage (under [Teams]). Your password allows you to add and remove teams as necessary, and to also edit every teams page.


Get the list of registered players from the registrar around the end of February and create the teams, find coaches (see below for information regarding team sizes, etc). Inform the coaches, give the team lists to the registrar so that the teams can be registered. Organize a coaches meeting in March (see below for what to cover) unless most coaches come back from Fall, in which case you can skip it and use emails instead. The season starts in April until June, although check with Milpitas, they start potentially in the middle of March.


So far we have not have enough teams to play in-house in spring for any age group, although last year we were close (4 U10 teams). 4 teams are somewhat low but are possible to run inhouse. Otherwise you need to register the teams with the D2 playthrough league which is run by Milpitas in Spring (cost is about $100/team). Once the schedule comes out you need to schedule fields for the teams (U10 at Oakridge, U12 on Herman, Bernal, Gunderson or Santa Teresa). Work with the field director and make sure you coordinate with the person doing the comp schedule. For U10 games you need to schedule at least 75min, better 90min, U12 and U14 teams need at least 90min, U16 and older about 2h. Pay attention to Sunset (displayed on the game scheduling page. Some info on how to schedule games can be found under [Game Schedule / Edit Games].

Once you have scheduled games make sure all coaches take a look to see if they find mistakes and that the play-through schedule agrees with the leagues website.

Fall Season


Registrations come in by June 15 (deadline), although you should only start by the end of June to get the registration forms from the registrar to create the teams. Many kids request a particular coach, however, the rule is that each coach can request his own kid, possible assistant coaches kid and a friend. Other kids can ask to play with a friend, but they cannot ask for a coach (if you do allow this you will run into problems with teams that complain that other teams have been stacked, and with parents that complain that their request has not been granted while others have bee allowed to play with their preferred coach). This rule does not apply to U12 and older teams where we play against other leagues. Most leagues allow older teams to stay together.

On the forms parents can specify if they want to coach a team or work as an assistant coach. Unfortunately you will probably not have enough coaches, especially for the older teams. Start sending emails and calling parents to find someone. Ask the board, they might know someone that is interested in coaching. Make sure you talk to all the potential coaches before you allow them to coach, if there is a problem with a team you will have to deal with them (on average expect one problematic team per year) and it is much easier if you have talked to them before.

Once you have the coaches register them on the teams webpage. Once registered you can start using the following email lists (make sure to wait 1h after you registered the last team so that the mailing list has been updated):,, (the last one goes to all U10 teams). Similar email lists are available for U12, U14 and U16. You can also use to send an email to all rec coaches.

Coaches Meeting

You should call a coaches meeting at the end of July / Beginning of August (best to have it at the same time as the U6/U8 coaches meeting). You need to cover:

  • How to reserve a practice field (they should contact the field coordinator for a field, or the field director for those fields that have no coordinator
  • Coaches/Assistant coaches need to fill out coaches registration forms
  • They need a name for their team (required to register the team, should be put on their teams webpage)
  • Introduce the teams webpage features (name, contact info, practice info, info regarding games, mailing list for parents)
  • Go through the pre season check-list (coaches/rec league checklist)
  • discuss special rules for U10 (no PK, but with off-side, 8 or 9 per side.). All players MUST play 50% of the game (CYSA rule for Rec Teams)
  • Safety rules: shin-guards for practice and games, no exception, no jewelery of any kind
  • zero-tolerance form: all parents and players need to sign it, coaches need to keep them with them
  • coaches are responsible for parents: if they do not behave refs will throw coaches out
  • teams that play against other leagues should always contact opponents about a week before the game to discuss time/place/parking/rain-out policies, etc.
  • player passes (different for different age groups, registrar should know the differences (U10 need pictures and laminate them, U12 and older will get laminated passes from registrar)


U10 teams have about 11 players per team, 25min halfs, size #4 balls, and play 8 or 9 on each side (8 is the official number, but especially with larger teams 9 works too as long as both coaches agree to it before the game. make sure to cover this during the coaches meeting).

U10 play inhouse, once you have the teams you can create the schedule. The season starts on the first weekend after Labor Day and ends 10 days before Thanksgiving.  You can use the scheduler (Board/Scheduler) to create a schedule for the teams. If you have an odd number of teams in one group you can ask if some team are willing to play two games on a Saturday so that no-one gets a bye. Usually such games are scheduled with one game between them.

All U10 teams play at Oakridge. You need to reserve at least 75min per game, if possible (not too many comp teams) use 90min. When scheduling the games on the leagues website make sure to add the home and away team so that the games show up on their teams webpage. The referee scheduler will use this list to schedule refs. Pay attention to sunset after DST ends (sunrise/sunset are shown on the game scheduling webpage under the little sun icon).

Make sure you reserve one weekend (usually the first in November) for the jamboree (see below) before the comp games get scheduled.There will almost certainly be comp games on that day too, you need to wok them into the schedule for the jamboree in some form.


U12 teams play on the normal sized fields, 11 on each side, size #4 balls, 30min halfs. Technically they can have up to 18 players, however, such large teams are a big problem and you should not allow teams with more than 16 players at most, as otherwise some kids will not get to play that much and get discouraged(sitting on the bench is rather boring)

These teams play with Mt Hamilton teams. Contact the U12 representative in Mt Hamilton on June/July to set this up and make sure you agree on the terms. Once the teams are set (usually second half of August) one of the leagues has to make a schedule. You can use the account to edit the online spreadsheets (under 'Documents'), and share them with the person from Mt Hamilton. Once the schedule is out and agreed on you need to schedule the field and update the spreadsheet with this information. Mt Hamilton will do the same. Make sure to reserve all of Bernal for the last weekend of the season for a jamboree (see below for more info).

The first games are usually scheduled so that the teams play only other teams from the same league, which only works if there are an even number of teams though.

At the coaches meeting you need to make sure that the coaches understand that they should contact the opponent about a week before the game to make sure thete have been no last minute changes. Also let the coaches know that Mt Hamilton has a strict "no-shootout" rule: you are not allowed to score once you are up by 5 goals.

U14 and up

Same size as U12,  but size#5 balls, 35min halfs. Same problem regarding team size as for U12.

U14 and older play in the district 2 playthrough league. They need to be signed up by the middle of August (see below). Once the schedule for the games is out you will have to schedule the home games and update the playthrough schedule. Once done make sure all teams compare the leagues website and the playthrough webpage to make sure they have the same games scheduled.

At the coaches meeting you need to make sure that the coaches understand that they should contact the opponent about a week before the game to make sure they have been no last minute changes.


Jamborees are one of the main events for the rec league in Fall. The format for jamborees are usually as follows:

  • for 4 or 5 teams: all teams play each others for points, team with most points wins
  • 6 teams: two groups A and B for 3 teams, teams play the other two teams in their group for points, Winner A plays Second B and vice versa to determine who plays in the finals, third A plays third B.
  • 7 teams: a group A of 3 and a group B of 4 teams. Teams play all others in the same group. Winner A plays Winner B in Final, Second A plays Second B for 3rd place, Third A plays Third B for 5th place
  • 8 teams:two groups of 4 teams, teams play all other teams in same group .Winner A plays winner B in Final, Second A plays Second B for 3rd place

This format ensures that all teams play at least 3  and at most 4  games. A fre more rules you need to follow:

  • Each team can play at most two games a day
  • 2h of rest between two games for the same team

Point system:

  • 6 points for win, 3 points for tie, 0 for loss
  • 1 point per goal up to 3 points max
  • 1 point for shut-out (no goals received)
  • Examples: 0-0 tie: 4 pts each (3 for tie, 1 for shut-out), 1-1 tie: 4 pts each (3 for tie, 1 for goal scored),  3-1: 9 pts for winner (6 for win, 3 for goals scored, 1 for opponent for 1 goal scored).

You need to reserve the fields at the beginning of the season before the comp games get scheduled (U10 at Oakridge, usually first weekend of November, Bernal for U12, usually second weekend in November)

Depending on how many teams and comp games you have to fit into Saturday you may have to shorten the games by 5min per half. Schedule at least 15 min between games, shorter times never worked (has been tried multiple times).

You can try to find a comp team that wants to run a snack-shack to earn some money for the team, if you do ask them to provide free snacks for the  refs, and ask the league to reimburse them for it (just make sure this has been put on the budget).

If you have a lot of games you want to get field marshals to help running the show. They will check-in teams, make sure they are at the right place, inform refs about special rules (shorter game times in particular), they can give out medals, etc.

The league has a table, canopy and sign board, currently all in the Oakridge container, that you can use. I suggest you create a folder that contains the schedule, a form to fill out with the results, the rules, a copy of the referee schedule (ask the ref scheduler to email it to you on the day before the jamboree), emergency numbers, how to reach you if necessary, etc. and put this  on the table for the field marshals to use.

Medals: usually all players get a bronze medal, except for the winners and seconds teams, they get 1st and 2nd place medals (make sure to order them about 2 month before the jamboree, the U8 teams will also need medals, and if you buy enoug to also give them out in Spring you can get a discount).

Under "Tournament" you find a webpage for the U10 jamboree and one for the U12 jamboree, it includes most of the information the teams need, you just need to update it with the new dates, teams and schedules.

We do not have enough teams for U14 and older teams to run a jamboree, however, Milpitas is running a Rec Jamboree for all teams at the beginning of December. We usually pay for those teams that want to go the registration fee.

SSJ Academy

The SSJ Academy is a program where the league hires a coaching organziation that will dispatch tainers to work with the rec teams. You or the U8 coordinator need to setup the practice schedule for those teams that want to participate (a team can get at most one session with the trainer per week). All sessions are on the same field, make sure to reserve this field by working with the Fields Director.

Playthrough League

The District is currently running the Spring and Fall playthrough league for District 2. Make sure you are listed as the league contact person on th website. SSJ usually would schedule the U14 teams, Gilroy would run the U12 league, Milptas the U10 and younger and Mt Hamilton manages the U16/U19 teams.

Once the playthough scheduler has scheduled the games you must work with the field scheduler for SSJYSL to secure fields for the home games.


You need money for the following (some if it is not in your budget, but make sure it is not forgotten)

  • to send U14 and older to Milpitas Jamboree (about $350/team)
  • for Jamborees (ref snacks, medals, referees)
  • for Spring jamboree/Distrcit Cup, refs, some uniforms for kids that need one
  • for Fall: refs, uniforms, cones, balls, trophies
  • SSJ Academy (work with U8/U6 Director, money to pay for the trainers).


some of the documents you need are available under Board/Documents, many are in openoffice format, you can download the program to use them from the website (works like word, but available for more computers, and free)


Once you are listed as the Rec Director you can get the password for the ssjysl website as described in the Board/Management page

You need to be added as a contact person and scheduler to the d2rec website, then you can get that password emailed to you to manage the D2 Playthrough

You need to codes to run payroll, and probably also need to be added so the Bank knows you are allowed to submit payroll info. 

Phone Number

I highly recommend you get a google voice phone number (its free). You can then publish that number and program it so that it will only forward to your cellphone or home phone at certain times (for example: voice mail only during work hours, home phone in the evening, cell phone during weekend). Voice mails are also converted to emails and sent to your email account. I've used this for quite a while and it works really well.

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